Tattoos work!

The College of Veterinarians of British Columbia (CVBC) has had a tattoo program in place for a number of years.  Every clinic in BC has been assigned a 2 letter code, ours being CF.  Each participating pet is tattooed with this code and then another letter for the year.  2015 is the letter C.  The first part of the tattoo is a number assigned to each individual by the clinic doing the procedure.  The end result, looking something like this – 28 CFC – is that any lost animal that has one of these tattoos can be traced back to the clinic that gave the tattoo and then to the owner.  This past week alone we have had 2 injured cats brought in to the clinic, without their owners, by concerned animal lovers.  Somehow they had both managed to escape the safe confines of their homes.  Luckily they both had been tattooed under this program and we were able to locate the owners.  We offer a free tattoo when a pet is spayed or neutered.  For a minimal charge it can be given at any time your pet is under anesthetic.  If you have had your pet tattooed it is important to let us know if you move or get a new phone number so that we can contact you if your friend goes missing and is taken in to any veterinary hospital.

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