Pet Day April 11, 2018

Did you know April 11 is Pet Day?

It is a day to show your pet some extra love!

Here’s some ideas on how to spoil your pet on Pet Day:

  • teach them a new trick
  • play their favorite game (fetch, hide and seek, running)
  • go for a hike together
  • spend some time outside watching the birds (cats on leash or in enclosed area for safety)
  • a new toy
  • a new bed, blanket or brush
  • fresh treat
  • quality time brushing and cuddling
  • meet some ‘doggy friends’ for a hike or park play date

What if you don’t have a pet to spoil on Pet Day?

Don’t fret if you don’t have a pet of your own on Pet Day! There are many pets without homes in shelters, rescues or on the street.  Adopt a pet on Pet Day if your family is ready to make a permanent family addition.  If you’re not quite ready or able to adopt a pet friend, consider helping these pets out by making a donation (monetary, food or toy).

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