Pet Boarding: Home away from home

Whether getting away to somewhere far away or staying near home, vacations are always welcomed. But, they can often bring with them a lot of planning. What to do, what to pack, how to get there, preparing your house, and of course-what to do with your four legged friends.

Certainly having someone stay at your house to provide pet sitting is a great option but does mean someone is in your house while your away. Many are not fully comfortable with this option. Some pet sitters will provide spot visits where they come in once or twice a day, or every other day to check on your animals. This option can work well if you have a cat, but not so well if you have a dog that requires walks and needs more attention.

So what other options are there?

Boarding facilities are a fantastic option to ensure your pet is well taken care of, receiving the attention, food and water requirements and adequate housing they require while you’re away.

But, be aware not all boarding facilities are created equal.  Ideally, you’ll want to find a facility that checks all these points:

  • Trained personnel to monitor your pets behavior, stress and health
  • Trained personnel to administer any medications
  • Individual kennel space provided if your pet needs time alone away from other animals
  • Ability to meet exercise needs
  • Personnel to monitor appetite, water intake, defecation and urination habits and the knowledge to address any concerns that develop
  • Protocol in place if a health concern arises

Did you know we provide pet boarding at Central Animal Hospital? We can accommodate dogs, cats and pocket pets.

Our large dog runs provide a very comfortable space for medium to large breed dogs and can accommodate plush bedding and toys.

Our regular kennels provide ample ‘home space’ for smaller dogs, cats and even pocket pets.

Creature comfort is our main priority for our boarding pets. Comfort at Central Animal Hospital means:

  • Free of unnecessary stress
  • Access to fresh water and food daily
  • Clean, comfortable sleeping and voiding areas
  • Daily exercise
  • Daily enrichment
  • Lots of cuddles and attention tapered to the pets individual preferences

Our trained, loving staff monitor each animal throughout the day for stress and address behaviors if they arise.  Health concerns that may develop or are noticed during their stay with us are addressed promptly with one of our veterinarians.  Nails are trimmed and minor grooming performed if needed.  The best part about pet boarding at Central Animal Hospital?  Happy, more relaxed staff! Nothing cures a busy day like pet snuggles! After all, the pets need the attention right-it’s just part of our job to ensure they are well taken care of.

Check out some of our happy pets…




Who needs a long walk in the woods, belly rubs make me happy.




Cat condos help to create more space and provide places to perch, and hide.  The cardboard allows cats to mark their scents, rip and tare it apart for stress relief or just for fun. They are easily replaced as needed  for continual enrichment.



Staff cuddles throughout the day help me feel more comfortable and the staff love the interaction time too!



Give us a call, 250-376-7208, to book your furry friend for boarding today.


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