Burr dog. Watch out Kamloopians-How to keep your dog safe this summer.

Kamloops is full of amazing outdoor spaces to explore.  From lakes and rivers to city life and trails, the places to take your pup for an outing are countless. Here is a story, which is unfortunately common and often not  thought of when heading out for some outdoor fun.

Darby after his caregivers worked hard to remove the burrs preventing him from opening his eyes.

Meet Darby, an adorable 6 month old Wheaton Terrier. While out for a hike Darby and his caregivers found themselves in a tight spot.  During the walk, Darby ran through a patch of fallen burrs. The burrs quickly grabbed onto his fur, where with every step and movement, became further matted and embedded.

His caregivers did an amazing job at keeping both themselves and Darby calm while they assessed his situation and realized that the fur around his eyes was matted by these burrs-making it uncomfortable and most likely frightening as it restricted Darby’s vision.  They managed to pick out most of the burrs that were preventing him from seeing, but quickly realized that Darby just didn’t have the patience to sit still while they picked the burrs out one by one.  Due to how many burrs he had in his fur, it would have been just too uncomfortable for Darby to wait and sit through numerous sessions to slowly untangle his fur, so he was brought to us.

It is easy to see just how many burrs were captured by Darby while out on his walk.

Darby needed sedation to safely and effectively remove so many burrs from his fur. After 25 minutes and 3 staff members working together Darby woke up from his sedation fluffy and free of burrs.


Darby recovering from his sedation, note the large pile of burrs removed from his fur.

Being on the look out and mindful of what is on the path where you walk, can help keep your pet safe in our wonderful Kamloop summers.



Happy retirement Lid!

It is with saddened hearts we say farewell and good luck to one of Central’s finest technicians! Lid devoted nearly 36 years to the clinic-supporting several different veterinarians and training the ‘next generation’ of technicians. Her guidance and knowledge has built a legacy to be proud of! We all wish you the best in your retirement-you’ve certainly earned it!