Thank-you from Mr.T


Mr.T’s favorite new t-shirt


Mr. T with his new quilt and stuffy.

Mr. T continues to improve.  Being confined to a kennel is not easy for any animal but he has adjusted well and relishes the attention he gets from our staff.   We have him right up in our treatment area so he gets to see the daily comings and goings at the hospital.  We have had a few interested people stop in to see him and he loves all the attention.  As well as coming to meet him a few people have dropped off some toys and clothes for him.  It can be a cold winter when you don’t have any hair so everything he has been given is greatly appreciated.  We will be giving it all to his future owner when it comes time for him to leave us and go to his forever home.  One talented client makes doggie quilts and donated one to him so he has a special place to cuddle up.  We would sincerely like to thank everyone who has donated cash to help with offsetting the costs of his surgery.  It won’t be too long now and we will be selecting the lucky family who will be adopting this special little guy.  If you think you may be interested we are still accepting applications for his adoption but don’t wait too long as he is anxious to get into his new home.

80 Million Cats!

kittens1If you allowed two cats and their surviving offspring to breed for 10 years you would end up with over 80 million cats!  This is assuming 2 litters per year, which is certainly not out of the question, and 2.8 surviving kittens per litter.  ( I have no idea where that number came from!)  Cat overpopulation is a big problem.  There are a lot of lovely cats out there that need a good home. Letting your cat have a litter just so your kids can have the experience or because kittens are just so darn cute are not really very good reasons.  Do your part in helping to control cat overpopulation and have your feline friend spayed or neutered before they add anymore unwanted cats to our community.