Help us help Mr.T

chinese-crested-2Mr. T is a young, very friendly Chinese Crested dog that needs surgery.  Living in less then ideal conditions, he was surrendered to a compassionate client who wanted to see him in a loving home. Unfortunately, less than 24 hours after he got to this persons home, he jumped off a deck and fractured his left front leg.  Our client was not anticipating anything like this and unfortunately doesn’t have the funds to help their new friend.  Still wanting the best for the little guy they surrendered him over to us to do whatever we felt was needed.fracture

We all immediately fell in love with this unique, sweet tempered little dog.  Despite having a front leg sticking out at a completely unnatural angle he hardly complained and just wanted to cuddle.  Although one of the options we had to consider was euthanasia, we all had a hard time even entertaining the thought.  It was quickly decided that we should do everything possible to ensure Mr.T  got the surgery he so desperately needs.

We all agreed that we should use our “injured animal fund”  to help offset some of the costs that will be incurred and were generously supported by Dr. Lewis who is willing to contribute his surgical expertise and the hospital to help us achieve our goal.  We have temporarily splinted Mr. T’s leg however he needs surgery which we are hoping to do in the next day or two.  He also needs to be neutered so we will be doing that at the same time. 20160921_113319 Once he is on the mend we will need to find a good home for him but because of his great personality and unique appearance ( its hard to call him cute, though he is, in a homely sort of way) , we don’t think we will have any problem with that.

If you would like to contribute to our “injured animal fund”, it would be greatly appreciated.  Anything we manage to raise will go to offset the costs involved with helping Mr. T and after that we will keep the remainder to help the next animal that comes through the door that steals our hearts and may be facing euthanasia due to lack of funds.




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