Happy Halloween!

452x3391Most of us love taking part in the frightening festivities that are all a part of Halloween. Whether it’s dressing up, decorating the house or just enjoying the candies, it’s important to remember there may be one member of the family who doesn’t feel the same;  your pet.  Halloween can be a stressful time for your pet and can put them at risk from a number of potential hazards.

If you are decorating and creating your own haunted mansion it is important to consider where you place things. Pumpkins and candles are popular choices however they can be a risky fire hazard if an excited or curious pet accidentally knocks one over.  Make sure they are placed where your pet can’t get at them.

If you are excited to dress your pet in a cute or scary costume make sure wearing it is not causing them any distress or restricting their movement. Your pet can easily become entangled causing injuries or even strangulation.  Costumes with rubber bands should be avoided as they can irritate and dig into your pet’s skin.  If your pet is becoming agitated they may be inclined to chew at the costume and possibly swallow dangerous foreign bodies.  If you do dress your pet up make sure they are comfortable and don’t leave them unattended.

Excited trick-or-treaters can be intimidating for your pet. Excessive noise and large groups in spooky costumes can cause them to become stressed and anxious.  Keeping your pet in a quiet, separate room with some of their favourite toys can keep them calm and occupied.  It can also reduce the risk of them slipping out while the front door is open.

Chocolate and candies can be extremely toxic for cats and dogs. Plastic wrappers are a potential choking hazard or could leave them with a very upset stomach. Make sure that all the loot brought home from a fun night of trick-or-treating is kept out of reach and offer them a pet friendly alternative instead.  Have fun but make sure your pet is safe and happy too!

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