Summer 2017 Fire evacuations.

We’ve opened our doors for those affected by the fires. We have had several families rest easier during this difficult time, knowing that while they are evacuated from their homes, their animals are in a safe and secure location. All the animals we have taken in have had a full physical exam upon arrival. Our staff are all going the extra mile to not only ensure the animals needs are met, but also that they are comfortable and receive loving attention throughout the day.

A huge thank you to our wonderful veterinary food companies who have graciously extended their helping hand allowing us to hand out veterinary diets to those animals who need food specific to meet their dietary needs. Medical Royal Canin and Hills Prescription diets have always provided high quality food ensuring the best in pet nutrition. Both companies have always extended amazing customer service and showed an incredible amount of customer care during this time of need.

Boringher Inglehiem has been so considerate and has shown us so much love for these displaced animals as well! Not only are they donating medicine that had been left behind or that has run out during the evacuation time, but they also donated vaccines for all the pets non-vaccinated and staying in our facility.  Being in a veterinary clinic does pose a risk to any non-vaccinated pet, and ones that are stressed are in a higher risk category.  With out hesitation Boringher Inglehiem stepped up and offered to vaccinate any of the animals that needed it!

We all truly love working with companies like this that show just as much love and compassion for the animal as we do!